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    Welcome to the online home of HydraChem Ltd. Winnipeg's preeminent water treatment service provider. Here you will find information on our company, products, and services. For any inquiries, please contact us through your most convenient method listed on the contact us page.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of HydraChem Ltd. is to provide our clients with chemical water treatment that offers unique treatment and pricing solutions with the aim of reducing their operations costs while preserving and prolonging their equipment lifecycle.

  • about us

    I formed HydraChem Ltd. because I believe that what HydraChem Ltd. could do with chemical water treatment would truly change the way our niche industry operates. Water treatment is not just a pail of water with some chemical sprinkled in. Water treatment is insurance from mechanical failure, protection from unforeseen Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system problems, prevention of loss of efficiency and ultimately your money.

    Chemical water treatment refers to a service combined with chemicals that are specifically designed to protect heating and cooling system equipment and piping from an array of deteriorating factors. Corrosion, oxidation (rusting), pitting, and scaling are the most common of these factors. These are all mediums that will cost you money. Replaced equipment and system piping, loss of system efficiency, increased water consumption or other related elements will all result from improper chemical water treatment.

    How I vowed to change the industry was by providing additional services and options that are not yet a standard within the industry. These elements in turn will reduce your overall operations costs.

    By providing:
    • pricing guarantees,
    • variable term commitments from multi-annual to no term commitments,
    • an array of treatment options,
    • green product choices,
    • and customization of your treatment plan
    HydraChem Ltd. will succeed in providing you a made-to-order treatment plan that will protect both your equipment and your budget. We believe in putting the power of choice back in your hands.

    If you have any questions or comments regarding any products, services or information contained within this website, please contact us.

  • services overview


    No two buildings are alike. Budgets, equipment, ecological choices and the building itself all warrant special consideration when designing a chemical treatment program. We will custom tailor a chemical treatment program that works for you. Contact us for a free consultation.

    Old Systems
    New Problems

    Although new systems are chemically cleaned before being put into service, occasionally heat transfer surfaces can scale or corrode. We are able to provide cleanings to eliminate these money costing inefficiencies.

    Shipping can
    be costly

    We pride ourselves on the value we bring to our customers beyond the pail. That's why we offer free delivery within Winnipeg city limits. Out of town? We will search for you to find the best delivery solution.

    Full Laboratory

    For complex samples, we use full lab analyses. Whether your sample is water, metal (including corrosion coupons), scale, or sludge our lab is equipped to find the answers you need.

  • products

    If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us. We made an effort to keep the site to essentials because we know you're busy

    • New Construction Packages

      Whether you need cleaning chemical, equipment, or a combination, we will set up the right package for you.

    • Pumps and Controllers

      Automate your chemical feed system. With feed pumps to deliver, and controllers to decide when to feed or bleed or both.

    • Pot Feeders

      Used to make chemical additions to hydronic systems.

    • Filter Housings and Cartridges

      An ounce of prevention. Single to multi cartidge holders with filter cartridges ranging from 50 down to

      1 micron

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    Cell: 204.898.5726
    Fax: 204.272.6776

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  • Mission Statement

    HydraChem Ltd. is a preeminent chemical water treatment supplier, encompassing various industries and regions within Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario.

    By virtue of experiential knowledge, a vast product line and value added services to our clients we are able to obtain a benefit to them that goes above and beyond the typical supplier-client relationship.

    Our core values lie in safety, environmentally and ethically responsible choices, and providing our clients with the maximum return of investment.